By Laura Jacobi

Does your dream wedding include the designer princess gown you dog-eared in a high-end magazine or a gaggle of doves being released when you kiss? These are questions the bride and groom should answer before planning and budgeting for a wedding.

Katy Baker, a wedding planner with the Association of Bridal Professionals, asks her brides and grooms to make specific lists before planning their wedding budget. Each has to describe their dream wedding and promise each other to make at least three of those elements become reality. They then list all the aspects of the big day—such as the dress, flowers and food—prioritized by what they feel is most important.

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How to Plan a Wedding On a Budget

Your wedding will be one of the biggest parties you will ever plan. Many couples don’t realize how costly a wedding can be until they start planning their own. The average wedding in the US is now estimated at $28,000 for 100 people. No matter the size of your guest list, planning is the key to any successful wedding.

You're probably thinking, "Can I still have my dream wedding for less?" Yes, you can!

How to Construct Your Wedding Budget

weddingbudget1When brides envision their weddings as little girls, it’s doubtful the cost of the beautiful setting, stunning flowers and dream dress ever enter those fantasies.

After you’ve made your requisite phone calls to all of your friends and family spreading the news of your engagement, start saving money for the big day now! The average wedding costs $25,000. Experts recommend saving 20% of your monthly income, which means drastically cutting corners. Your weekly mani-pedi, daily Starbucks run and weekend movie nights may have to go. For a more detailed look at your budget, use Monthly’s Wedding Budget Planner to help you lay out all of the financial details.


No matter how big or small the wedding, you will be investing a significant sum of money to make your dream day a reality. Regardless of who’s footing the bill, you’ll need to set limits and create a budget. Newly engaged couples should discuss their personal finances and talk with parents about how much they can and will contribute.

Begin breaking down the budget for each anticipated wedding expense by considering your priorities. What’s most important? Designer dress? Elaborate flowers? Couture cake? Swanky reception site? Best band in town? Exotic honeymoon? Choose three items that are your top priorities and set the rest of your budget from there.

While not everyone planning a wedding has an unlimited wedding budget, being prepared and planning carefully can help all brides- and grooms-to-be have a wonderful, memorable wedding. Here is a simple breakdown to wedding budgeting that will help make the planning more manageable. Most couples go over budget by about 10 percent, so if you are prepared ahead of time, you will know what is most important to both of you, and you can scale back in other areas.


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