By Robyn Passante

In recent months, celebrity magazines and gossip blogs have been buzzing about the supposed trend of celebrity wedding vow renewals. In June, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott featured their re-nuptials on the season finale of their reality show, "Tori and Dean." Heidi Klum and Seal reportedly renew their vows every year. And Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom just said "I still do" on their first anniversary in October.

Once you have an idea of the kinds of things you and your fiancé want, the timeline for getting things done, and a budget, the fun part can begin. Most brides and grooms really enjoy planning the actual ceremony and reception. The trend now is for couples to plan their special day together, and to put a lot of their own personality and style into it. Many wedding ceremonies and receptions now have themes. This makes it more memorable for everyone, especially the bride and groom.

Some popular nuptial themes include: a garden party, with tons of flowers, berries, and candles; jazz-age weddings, where music truly sets the tone; Victorian era ceremonies, complete with period costumes; medieval weddings, also with period-appropriate costumes and feasting; weddings planned around a holiday; and weddings planned around your ethnic background (especially in the clothing and flowers); and weddings planned around a distinctive place in your area.


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