Story/photography by Rob Kaufman

videographerLooking for something different in your wedding photo album? More couples are opting for fusion - the marriage of audio, video and film. There has never been a time when technological innovation moved so quickly. It seems like the latest, greatest "iThing" debuts every other day and most of us haven't even upgraded to Cool Toy 2.0 before Version 3.0 hits the shelves.

From inexpensive high-quality cameras to powerful image manipulating software, photography is at the heart of this modern technological boom. The advancements have allowed the creativity of great photographers to be unleashed - and brides and grooms everywhere are benefiting from the boost.

by Rob Kaufman

Selecting the right photographer for your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will make. After all, when the flowers, the dinner, the cake and the bridesmaids’ dresses are all just fond memories, the photography you commission will still be a tangible asset that you can share and enjoy.

The process of finding your photographer can be a little daunting; there are many shooters out there at all levels of skill with all sorts of different styles. Unlike shopping for most other things, there is no real consistency as far as pricing is concerned. And to top it off, nearly every photographer has their own assortment of products and services they offer. But with a little homework and a little legwork, hiring a photographer for your wedding day will be an experience you’ll enjoy.

Selecting a wedding videographer is similar to that of the photographer search. Start by talking to people you know and trust, review their videos, and get some referrals.

When it’s time to interview videographers, ask about their background. You should look for someone who is not only technically seasoned, but artistically seasoned as well. They should know how to gather footage, edit it, provide proper lighting, among other things. In addition, they must be able to edit the videos. DVDs are easier to edit than VHS tapes, so find out what your potential professional will be using. Make sure you see examples of his or her work and editing techniques.

Besides the memories of your wedding day, the other thing that will last forever is the photographic record of the events. So, it is vital to make a smart choice when selecting your photographer and/or videographer. First, look at your friends’ wedding albums and wedding videos. Make notes about what you see that you like. Friends, family, and co-workers are excellent sources for referrals – and name dropping for those “professionals” who should be avoided.

Second, when interviewing photo professionals, ask to see entire wedding albums, including proofs. Pay attention to how many shots you consider to be “bad” and why you do not like them. Notice the lighting in the photos, the clarity, etc. This will give you a good overall sense of how good the photographer really is.


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